Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation (FIMU) has recruited and trained 13 volunteers who will become sports tutors and help implement PLAY! sports sessions across the umbrella’s partner associations.

The training included theory on planning sports activities, tutoring best practices and information on the specifics of the PLAY! project. FIMU’s methodology is based on the use of physical activity to teach life skills - including respect for others, caring and self-motivation - transferable to other settings apart from sport, including school and the wider community.

Key to the method is the beneficiaries being aware of the skills they are supposed to acquire during the sessions, which are set at the beginning of the programme.

Beneficiaries are asked to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours during the session. Group meetings are held at the end of the sessions to discuss the session itself, make suggestions, as well as comment on the group’s performance and cohesion.


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