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P.L.A.Y! Peer education, Leadership, Action, Youth is Erasmus+ Sport project aimed at promoting grassroots sport for school success and social inclusion.

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FIMU trains 13 volunteers to become PLAY! sports tutors

Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation (FIMU) has recruited and trained 13 volunteers who will become sports tutors and help implement PLAY! sports sessions across the umbrella’s partner associations...


Blog: Sundus and Deniz two YAGs taking a nontraditional route to success

Sundus Ahmed and Deniz Çaliskan have been working in Finland as volunteers in one of the five Youth Active Groups (YAGs) which help deliver PLAY! sessions to children and youth at risk of exclusion an...


A.S.D. Margherita Sport e Vita end of the year event celebrates achievements

The end of school year has also brought to an end the first year of the PLAY! pilot. Italian partner A.S.D. Margherita Sport e Vita has concluded the year with a successful event on 6 May, where Youth...


PLAY! e-learning platform to boost training and education

A PLAY! e-learning platform is currently being developed to help boost the skills of Youth Active Groups (YAGs) and coaches in promoting grassroots sport for school success and social inclusion. ...


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